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AMS treats each customer with the courtesy, respect and professional nature made famous by their founders. Their expertise and “customer comes first” attitude built this company. If you are a current customer, you know this first-hand. If you are a potential customer, call with your technical questions and you’ll find out why
AMS is here for and because of their service to the client.  The names and pictures below are e-mail linked so you can easily write or call.

Is it time to get solutions for your DRO needs?

Edward J. Albietz
Sales & Applications
Extension 23

The ultimate compliment that many folks continue to shower upon Ed is he has become his father. From his kind jovial manner to his gifted level of field expertise, there may be good reason to say that about Ed. After 30 years of what he humbly refers to as his “Constant Apprenticeship” if you have a question he’ll likely have already encountered your issue and know the resolution. Folks who meet him will only doubt his uncanny level of expertise for a short time. They soon find out “Ed knows DRO” and quickly come to respect his knowledge with its application. Professional in demeanor, knowledgeable as anyone in the field, Ed is your technical man and will know the right means to control your machine and get the job done.

timTimothy R. Albietz
Inside Sales & Parts

Extension 24

Tim Albietz covers every detail of your order or project AMS handles. He took the company out of the family garage and organized the stock and supply into the operation that this company is today. When it comes to parts, Tim handles every aspect of getting you what you need in the most expeditious way possible, thus becoming key in minimizing your downtime. AMS has your part in stock due to the parts management system Tim developed.

patPatrick M. O’Day
Inside Sales & Service
Extension 22

Patrick knows the nuances of DRO function and handles technical items when Ed & Jim are in the field. He is another walking encyclopedic talent on the subject of DRO application prevalent with the AMS staff. Patrick also works closely works with Tim to see that orders for parts are covered effectively too.

JimJim Smith
Field Application, Sales & Service

314-799-6160 (cell)

From field to design application, Jim is the very definition of “AMS in the field.”  With more experience in the machine tool industry than he cares to admit, Jim has the hands-on capability to apply DRO function to your equipment.


MichaelMichael Albietz
Field Application,
Sales & Service

Michael (Ed’s son) is also in the field. He grew up in this business like the Albietz brothers and is versed in DRO function like everyone at AMS.  While knowledgeable in all areas, the rest of the company gravitates to him for answers in retrofit automation/programming.